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Outsourcing Services
Canada Legal Referral can manage your accounts receivable portfolio "in-house", using collection professionals trained specifically on your clientele. CLR will employ state of the art collection and management software, maintain the corporate image and professionalism, while allowing you to allocate those financial resources to other areas of the company. CLR will design outsourcing solutions that meet each client's objectives by augmenting their own credit and collection policies. And providing a seamless responsive collection process.
Benefits of Outsourcing your Accounts Receivable
  • Increases monthly operating cash flow
  • Decreases payroll, benefits and other employee overheads
  • Decreases days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Decreases bad debt write offs
  • Ability to utilize professional A/R personnel for temporary projects or extended time periods
  • Increase your clients statisfaction through professional and consistent management of client accounts
our offers Extended outsourcing services That include:
Pre-collection letter programs
Accounts receivable programs
Customer contact programs
Total Customer management solutions
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