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Corporate Information
Corporate Search and Personal Property Security Act (PPSA)/Personal Property Registrations(PPR) reports supplied to our clients at their request are obtained through the Provincial Ministries and the Department of State and Corporations Divisions in the United States. The information in the Corporate search and PPSA/PPR reports can contain the following:
I. Corporate Search:  
II. Banking Information
III. Trade Reference
Both the Detailed Business Report and Business Report are primarily formulated from our client's Credit Application. Although Canada Legal Referral does maintain an extensive database of historical information on thousands of companies across North America we cannot guarantee this information on every report. Should historical information be available on the subject company, Canada Legal Referral will include this at no additional cost.
Equifax commercial credit reports
In a continuing effort to provide our clients with the best possible credit solutions and products, Canada Legal Referral has partnered with Equifax as an authorized distributor of their products and services. Clients have the option of ordering reports directly from Equifax or through Canada legal Referral. Some of the reports available are:
I. Corporate Search: 
  • Legal Business Name
  • Registration Data/Status
  • Directors' home Address(s)
  • Amalgamation and Name Changes
  • Company Type
  • Registration Number
  • Directors of the Corporation
  • Corporation's Registered Address
I. PPSA/PPR/UCC (US) Reports: 
  • Secured Creditor Listing
  • General Description of Collateral
  • Registration Number
  • Collateral Classification Being Secured
  • Registration File Number
Security Registration Services
Canada Legal Referral Inc. has become an industry leader in the development and implementation of security registrations and related products.

Why secure your position as a Creditor?
Security Registrations give Creditor priority which in essence allows the creditor the ability to seize and sell assets of the debtor to pay the debtor's liability. The ultimate goal of the secured creditor is to have the first right to seize and sell assets and recover any proceeds.
Purchase Money Security interest (PMSI)
A PMSI holder has a special priority. The PMSI holder positions itself at the top of the secured creditor list of all PPSA holders resulting in a priority position over pervious PPSA registrations on its collateral secured by the registration. To qualify a security agreement, its must be entered into by the creditor and the debtor, notices filed to the holders of a security interest allowing for those interested parties to exclude "Your" inventory from their inventory calculations.

The equivalent security interest within the province of Quebec is a Movable Hypothec. This document provides the supplier with the most practical and effective protection. This will allow a priority position with respect to the specific goods being sold over prior registered secured lenders; provided all of the required steps are followed to perfect your specific interest.
**Canada Legal Referral Inc. is fully bonded and insured in accordance to the regulatory authorities.
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