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Receivable Management Services
Canada Legal Referral's Credit Reporting, Security Registration and Corporate Information Services are designed to compliment and enhance the existing credit granting policies and procedures of our valued clients.

Our credit Reporting Services are investigatory: Which allows your credit reporting department the ability to receive customized, real time and verified factual Credit Reports. As with all of our credit reporting products, our clients have the option of requesting and receiving completed credit reports through the internet or via fax.
Canadian Credit Reports:
Detailed Business report (DBR)
The detailed Business Report(DBR) is designed to give an evaluation of Corporation's financial situation as of the point in time. The reports are an investigation into the subject's financial position, corporate status and trade relationships.The following elements are contained in the report along with a full corporate search:
I. Corporate Information: (from Corporate Search)
  • Legal Business Name
  • Registration Data/Status
  • Company Type
  • Registered Business Address
  • Registration Number
  • Registered Directors/Address
II. Bank Information: 
  • Banking Institution/Branch
  • Length of Relationship
  • Account Status/Security
  • Deposit Balance
  • Telephone and Fax Numbers
  • Account Type and Balance(s)
  • Line of Credit Utilization
  • NSF Activity
III. Trade Reference: 
  • Reference Trade Name
  • Past Due
  • Current Credit Limit(s)
  • NSF Activity
  • Length of Business Relationship
  • Current Outstanding Balance(s)
  • Highest Credit
  • Payment Terms and History
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